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Quality Air Conditioner Repairs in Edmonton

Why Choose Our Services?

When you call Cydcom Services Ltd – Heating & Air Conditioning for HVAC repairs and maintenance, we'll respond with the solution and advice you need. We believe that customer education can go a long way towards creating more comfortable homes. For this reason, we take the time to explain each AC repair we make. Our Edmonton staff will let you know what caused the problem and how to prevent it in the future.


Contact us for options that would be best for your home.

Potential Problems

Edmonton summers often yield a high pollen count. In addition to giving plenty of people allergies, this pollen blocks up your filters and creates AC unit problems. From sluggish units to a frozen inside coil, our technicians will always pinpoint the cause of your issue for a quick repair. Low refrigerant can also cause problems. If you have an older unit prone to leaking, make a commitment with us to get it checked often.

Old units need plenty of professional help. Periodic inspections will take care of any potential risks. If you opt to invest in a newer more efficient unit, we'll give you several choices of energy efficient replacement options.

Trustworthy Technicians

You can count on the diagnosis of your unit's problem with the expertise of our trained technicians. Our 24/7 emergency services can help you at any time.

Give us a call for air conditioner repair in Edmonton today:

South location: 780‑468‑6002

North location: 780-457-1349


Did you know?

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