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Furnace repair and maintenance in Edmonton Alberta

Have you noticed that your furnace doesn't seem to be turning on anymore when the temperature inside your home drops? Though replacing or performing complex, technical repairs on a furnace requires extensive knowledge and training, there are some minor fixed you can try yourself first.

The Edmonton furnace repair and replacement technicians at Cydcom Services Ltd. - Heating & Air Conditioning have put together this list of troubleshooting tips to try if your furnace breaks down on you: Tip #1 - Check the Thermostat It may sound deceptively simple, but sometimes the reason your furnace stops working unexpectedly is because the thermostat has been turned off or isn't set correctly. Make sure that it is set to "heat" and that the desired temperature is higher than the current inside temperature. Tip #2 - Check Your Breaker Panel Another quick fix that can solve a good portion of confounding furnace problems is checking that its circuit breaker hasn't been overloaded and switched off. Keep in mind that your furnace and your blower may be on different circuits. Tip #3 - Change the Furnace Filter Perhaps the most common cause of furnace problems is a dirty filter. The harder time your furnace has blowing air through a filter, the more heat and pressure will build up inside it, potentially causing it to shut down. Simply change the filter and your problem will be solved. Tip #4 - Clean the Fan Unit A dirty and clogged fan unit will also make it harder for your furnace to displace heat. Removing the fan from the unit requires a moderate level of technical know-how, but cleaning it once it's out can easily be done with a vacuum and a soft brush. Tip #5 - Check Ductwork If only one or two rooms don't seem to be getting heat, then you should first check that all heat registers are open and unobstructed. You should also inspect the ductwork leading to those rooms, checking to see that all connections are secure and sealing any gaps you find. Tip #6 - Check the Gas Valve One last place to look when trying to troubleshoot your furnace is at the gas valve. If anyone has recently been in the area around your furnace, then there is a chance they may have accidentally turned the gas valve to the "off" position. Turning it "on" again should start up your furnace. When It's Time to Call an Edmonton Furnace Repair Professional If the troubleshooting tips suggested above don't do the trick, then your furnace is going to need to be professionally repaired or perhaps entirely replaced by the Edmonton furnace repair technicians at Cydcom Services Ltd. It is especially important that you contact Cydcom Services Ltd. right away if, after inspecting your gas valve, you suspect that you could have a gas leak. Having a safe, properly functioning furnace in your Edmonton home is important during any time of year. Whatever maintenance you can't do on it yourself should be left in the hands of experienced HVAC experts.

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